Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Devil's Dust

Can we just take a moment to talk about how much I love glitter?????

I mean, what is not to love about glitter???

It's so shiny, and pretty and glittery- because it's GLITTER!!!!!!

Now, can we take a moment to talk about how T hate's glitter just as much as I love it?

This is true! He calls it the Devil's dust. He hates it because it's shiny, pretty, glittery and get's everywhere. Apparently he does not like to take a shower and find shiny glitter in his.... belly button.

I seriously get excited when I find it anywhere.

(I would totally wear these if I wouldn't fall down on my face... and if they were black, and I had somewhere to wear them)

This one time (not at band camp, I was never in band) my friend Five and I spray painted a spider web gold and then threw glitter all over it and made it even more beautiful than it already was... That was after I carefully took a broom and moved Mr. Ginormous Spider (while screaming like a girl, keep in mind, this is the only thing that makes me scream like a little wussy girl) and re-homed him in a plant near by. I couldn't kill him because then of course karma would make sure that I was mauled by 1001 big hairy fanged spiders and nobody wants that! I don't care if they ARE covered in glitter.

But anyway, I don't know why I was thinking about glitter this morning, but I was and just wanted to share my love for it.

I heard Ke$ha likes to cover herself in baby oil and glitter before each of her concerts. Sort of weird. Only because baby oil is super gross!!!!

Off to glitter something... Maybe T's pillow!!! hehehehehe.

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