Monday, October 19, 2015

Hell On Wheels

Have you heard of Hell On Wheels? On AMC? So I had never heard of this show until Friday morning. I am not sure if I am just out of the loop (which is very possible). I would much rather read if I have spare time than watch tv. Unless it's something like Scream Queens or my very favorite show Longmire. Ohhhh and of course if the Packers are playing (which I missed yesterday!!! Of all games, I missed the Packers and Chargers play each other. I had committed to seeing my cousin's daughter's play in San Diego. Which btw was great! So afterwards at our early dinner my mom and I strategically placed ourselves so we could see the game playing in the bar). Woohooo Packers are 6-0!!!!! Anyway, I am way off topic again! Sorry!

So back to Hell on Wheels! It's a show on AMC and I believe they are in the middle of Season 5. I just started Season 1 on Netflix Friday morning because after I worked in K's class, I had nothing to do. Of course I did some laundry, vacuumed, and a few other things around the house so I didn't feel like a total loser but then I put my jammies back on and plopped my buns right back on the couch and binged watched the $hit out of Hell on Wheels. I had finished Season 1 by Friday night and my neck was permanently in spasm from being a complete potato. I have to say though, it was worth it! Oh BTW the kids were with their dad so don't worry that I forgot to pick them up from school or missed football... They went to the Luke Bryan concert (lucky kiddos have seen him like 5 times and I keep bribing R to slip ol' Lukey Poo my number but she just giggles and says, "oh mom!")

Okay this is the summary from the actual Hell On Wheels website so you know a little bit of what it's about.

Hell on Wheels looks at the institutionalized greed and corruption behind the building of the Transcontinental Railroad as the race between the Central Pacific and Union Pacific intensifies. In Season 5, Cullen Bohannon (Anson Mount) finds himself a stranger in a strange land: Truckee, California. Home to the headquarters of the Central Pacific railroad, this rough mountain railroad town teems with thousands of Chinese workers who are foreign in language, culture and traditions. While grappling with the challenges of corralling his new workforce, Cullen leads the Central Pacific’s herculean effort to tunnel through the Sierra Nevada mountains, sometimes achieving only inches a day in the race to complete America’s first Transcontinental Railroad. 

Obviously I am hooked and love the show or I wouldn't be writing about it. It is now Monday morning and I am on Season 2 episode 5. So that means that Saturday I watched another 5 episodes with a spasming neck and an ever-widening a$$.

I highly recommend it if you are looking for a show! I am not sure I would recommend this oh so popular "binge watching" method as it seems quite destructive!!!! Or maybe just limit yourself to 2 shows a day. Because now I feel like a complete loaf, like I need a chiropractor appt and like I need to make up for the two days that I lost.

Anyway, every time I write "Hell On Wheels" I think about the Pistol Annies song "Hell on Hells" so I'll leave you with the song/video for your enjoyment!


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