Thursday, September 24, 2015

Fall... Check!

Some people are list people...

Sometimes I feel like I am. I am in the fact that I like to make lists... then I lose them and that is that.

T is definitely a list person. He will take the time to write his list and make sure he checks off everything on his list. I should probably pay more attention to him and the way he does things. Haaaaahahaha yeah right, he wishes!!!! I am who I am and no matter how much I try to change it, that's who I am... A crazy, multi-tasking, over-committing flustered fool!!!!

Anyway, I made a check list for Fall!!!! I think because it's giant and on cute monster paper I won't throw it in my purse (aka black hole) for it to be lost forever. So there is hope that we will be able to check off everything on our list! Yeah, I guess we'll see how that goes.

We already have plans for #6 that I am excited about and #7 is looking pretty good right now. I am thinking the rest of the list is pretty attainable. I'll keep you updated! Do any of you have a list of things you want to do this Fall? I should have added, "wear a sweatshirt at some point", since it's 100 degrees. I really hope we get some cool weather sometime soon!!!!

Back to my coffee.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Keep Your Sick Kid Home!!!!!

Oh good news... I don't have MRSA of the nostril aaaaaand the antibiotics are working very well! Phew! Also I think I will try waxing my nose hairs next time. If you really care about my nose hair removal method.

On to my rant...

Okay, if my child barfed in class, I sure would NOT send him to school the next day! Okay, let me back up and break this down. There was that one time that "K" barfed in the truck when he was like 3 years old because he was trying to eat a candy cane with the wrapper on and the plastic made him puke... (which is funny because he was also the kid that ate his cupcake at his 2nd birthday with the foil wrapper still on. I should probably have watched him eat things more carefully, but come on, he was 2 and 3 at the time.). If it was a case like that, of course I would send him to school the next day!!!! Buuuuut, if a few kids and the teacher are out due to the flu (hehe that totally rhymed and made me laugh while reading this in my head), then when your kid barfs, I bet he's not eating a plastic covered candy cane, he probably has the flu! SO KEEEEEEP HIM HOME!!!!!!!!!!!  Please go back and read that part in a growly satan beast voice (I feel it adds to the effectiveness)!

I understand that parents work. I understand that it's probably really hard for some parents to call in and explain that their child is sick and they have to stay home with them but unless this is a case where you are seriously on the verge of getting canned (if this is a case like that then I really feel bad and I am sorry for judging you), please keep your barfy, germy child home! If you are just sending him to school so you can watch Days of Our Lives in peace and quiet, then you have a whole new set of problems and I hope you get barf on your couch! Here is why you need to keep your child home...

#1. The rest of the class does not want to get sick!!!! It's already hard enough to keep germs away when I am sure kids don't really wash their hands at school, and they touch everything! In fact, I watched a little girl sneeze a rat sized snot ball this morning while she was standing in line to go to class and then proceed to panic and wipe it on her shirt (yes, I saw you even though you didn't think anyone was watching). Again, I am assuming... but I am pretty confident that she didn't run to the sink right after that and wash her hands with soap and water. And if she did, again... I apologize.

#2. If your kid is barfy... they probably feel like crap and the last place they want to be is school. They probably want to be sleeping all snuggled up with their cat on their pillow smashing their face, their dog tucked in to their back and their blankie all bunched up under their cheek. Oh wait, that's me! But really... if your kid doesn't feel good, they really aren't going to learn anything at school. So you are not helping them at all. Just keep them home and email the teacher for their assignment.

I'll let it slide this time sick kid's mom. But let this be known, if it happens again.... or if my kid comes home puking for any reason other than eating cupcake or candy cane wrappers again (I really hope he's learned his lesson), then I may dress up like an old crazy village person (not the "Village People") with a torch and pitchfork and show up on your lawn.

-Kellee Out

I realize I will probably be asked to leave the school PTA and to step down as room mom after this rant.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Nose Hairs & Urgent Care

Alright... how many times have I started, stopped, started, stopped and started only to quit blogging? I don't even know the answer anymore...

I think my problem last time was that I was so inspired by other bloggers that I tried to be like them and lost what I liked about blogging.

I like to tell my stories as if I was sitting with you and talking to you about my weird and ridiculous life. I think as long as I stick with that, I should be good. Right? Who knows but let's try this again.

Anyway, I felt like my trip to Urgent Care today was just too bizare not to share with people... I seriously talk to myself in my car and say, "is this really happening?" and I say it often!!!! So I will share with you how a simple thing like trimming your nose hairs can end up a really painful learning experience.

Soooo, last week I was looking in the mirror (probably picking my face because let's be honest, that's what I do) and I noticed that it was time to give the ol' nose hairs a trim. So since Tony doesn't like to share his nose hair trimmers (something about being gross blah blah blah)  I decided to use these scissors I found in the bathroom drawer (sounds totally sanitary right?). Well as I was getting the the inner corner up toward the front, I snipped my nose.  I then yelled "OUCH" and jumped up and down. After that I totally forgot about it...

Now fast forward about a week and I have a big ol' scab in my nose and I am in the bathroom again looking in the mirror and what do I do? Of course, I pick the scab (now I will understand if you avoid me a school because you are totally grossed out by me now, I can't help it, I AM GROSS!) Now this time I almost pass out from the pain and a giant tear rolls down my face! No joke!!!! A few days goes by and my nose is super tender. Well today I woke up and I couldn't even move my face, make expressions or anything without being in excruciating pain so I decide to go to Urgent Care.

Try explaining to Urgent Care why you are there... go ahead... and those of you who know me, know that I am NOT shy. "Um, this is kind of weird but I was trimming my nose hairs with scissors last week and..." and the doctor says, "OMG did you poke yourself?" and I say, "NOOOO, I CUT MYSELF!!!!!" and she laughs hysterically at me and says, "that sounds like something I would do!!!!"

Anyway, after she examines the inside of my nose and says, "oh wow that's pretty infected", she prescribes me two different antibiotics and says to come back in two days if it isn't significantly better because she will need to change my meds.

Good lord, really? Who does this stuff happen to? Yep, me!