Thursday, October 8, 2015

Saddest Halloween Story Ever!

Ok, it's totally not really sad if you are prepping yourself for something actually tragic. So I have always loved Halloween! I think it's because it was right after my birthday and maybe because I liked to dress up (some say I am dramatic, I don't know where they get that). But anyway... the sad truth is that I have probably only trick or treated a handful of times in my 21 years of life (hahaha did you catch that? 21!!!) Okay this year I will be 36. Holy cow, I know that isn't really old and age is just a number blah blah blah but I really feel like I was a teenager just yesterday. Maybe it's because I still act like a 12 year old? Probably!!!!

Okay back to my story! Sorry I get side tracked a lot. Like a lot a lot! So by now, if you are even still with me, you are probably wondering why if I love Halloween have I only trick or treated a handful of times in my 36 years of life... Well let me explain.

 I was born in Santa Monica, CA and lived there til I was about 6. I always had these slumber parties for my bday with a group of girls from school and we'd stay up super late (which is so weird to think about because I'd probably only just now start to allow that for R and she's 9), and eat (not lots of sugar because my parents didn't introduce me to sugar until I was seriously like 10 years old) who knows what we ate, and watched Care Bears, and My Little Ponies in our matching sleeping bags. I had a Strawberry Shortcake one (that was about as girly as I got. I had a A-Team lunch box though and it was awesome). The point is that I was usually so worn out from these slumber parties that I would get sick and by Halloween have a fever or a full blown cold and my mom being Mrs. Cleaver, she would make sure that I stayed at home and ate homemade chicken soup, and got plenty of rest. I do have very clear memories of putting on my costumes (that my mom bought patterns for and spent days sewing for me (see told you Mrs. Cleaver! I was much more like my dad!!!)) and standing outside of my very own front door and ringing the doorbell for my parents to give me some sugarless candy for my also homemade goody bag with my name embroidered on it. This went on pretty much all my years in Santa Monica.

Then we moved to the country. Fallbrook CA. Complete opposite of Santa Monica. When we first drove in to "town" there was/and still is a tractor that says, "Fallbrook, Welcome to the Friendly Village". But, if I wasn't sick all my years of living in Fallbrook, we didn't have neighbor's to go visit or trick or treat. I mean we had neighbors but it wasn't really safe to walk down dark country roads to ring one or two doorbells. So for the few years we did manage to trick or treat, our parents would drive us to the one neighborhood by the high school where are the other kids go dumped off. I think I can honestly remember maybe 3 or 4 Halloweens where I was able to trick or treat as a kid. Sad right?!?!?!?

 It's okay, don't feel too bad because now that I have kids, we totally trick or treat. R's first Halloween, she was 3 months old and she had 6 costume changes!!!! I was going to make up for lost time!!! Anyway, that is my sad sad story!!! Picture little Kellee dressed as a ridiculous clown in a costume that her mother made her (that actually kind of freaks me out now and is still in mom's cedar chest (the very cedar chest I cracked my head open on and her mom used masking tape to hold together.. I'll save that story for another day!!!) holding my pumpkin candy basket that my mom also made me standing outside her own front door waiting for her parents to open the door and hand her sugarless gum and candy.
Hahaha I found a pic of that clown costume... See creepy right??? Wah!

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